Our Colombian Fincas

  • The climate of our fincas, with misty mornings, sunny days and rainy afternoons contribute to a unique spectrum of flavors
  • Our single origin fincas are located near extinct volcanoes that have blessed our soil with higher than normal mineral content
  • We cultivate our coffee under shade control and protect our watersheds for both the quality of the coffee and the preservation of our environment
  • Colombia’s plentiful rain and the natural springs within our fincas enable our production teams to process the coffee within hours of picking, thus ensuring it is of the highest quality
  • We hand pick our red cherries and every step of the process, from washing, pulping, drying, handling and storage follows strict quality guidelines

Our Tanzanian Estates

  • In Tanzania, our coffee business represents a joint venture with Rift Valley Holdings Ltd., under the name of APK African Plantation Kilimanjaro Ltd.
  • The 4  Estates have long term land lease agreements with different cooperatives
  • Payments are used by cooperatives to improve community life. On going communication and collaboration prevails in relations
  • The Estates are located in a pristine region of Mt Kilimanjaro that has volcanic soils of great mineral content